Day 14. Inception (2010). Directed by Christopher Nolan.

Inception (2010) score: 82%

I used to think Inception was incoherent, but after watching all of Christopher Nolan’s films since, I realise I was wrong.

Particularly after viewing Interstellar, I know now that Nolan likes to challenge us to think outside the boundaries of logical science. He isn’t satisfied with what the world dictates is currently possible, but that’s not to say he makes absolute nonsense which explosively presents whatever ridiculous ideas he conjurs up, à la Michael Bay. He likes to get us properly thinking, and wondering. But thankfully he isn’t afraid to create thrilling action too for the sake of movie wholesomeness.


2 thoughts on “Day 14. Inception (2010). Directed by Christopher Nolan.

  1. Nolan’s best for me. I understand why you might have found it incoherant; I think you have to forgive him certain narrative/cinematic glossings over to appreciate the whole. In the Batmans there was all kinds of illogical tricksiness going on that you don’t notice if you’re invested in the narrative, Interstellar too. Inception kind of addresses that head on by drawing attention to the way you do not question the logic of a dream – you just go along with it. Still don’t understand Memento though.


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