Day 37. Tyrannosaur (2011). Directed by Paddy Considine

Tyrannosaur (2011) score: 77%

Tyrannosaur is a hard film to score. It’s a hard film in most respects. It’s incredibly hard to watch. If you need cheering up, do not watch Tyrannosaur.

The performances make Tyrannosaur what it is. Eddie Marsan plays his abusive husband role so well that you’ll want to avert your eyes. Olivia Colman is of course utterly convincing and heart-wrenching. You’ll probably cry at least three times.

Peter Mullan is also brilliant as the messed-up man who crashes into Colman’s life mid-abuse. Their mutual solace in finding one another is joyful to watch, up until the shocking climax of course.


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