Day 48. Prisoners (2013). Directed by Denis Villeneuve

Prisoners (2013) score: 75%

Straight away Prisoners sucks you in with its immense foreboding before Hugh Jackman and Terrence Howard’s young girls are promptly kidnapped. It isn’t high art, but it plays out convincingly.

Twists and turns galore then ensues, as Jake Gyllenhaal’s detective stumbles upon progressively strange elements behind the girls’ disappearance. Gyllenhaal’s brilliant in his role, which becomes increasingly explosive as he doesn’t deliver on his self-confessed ability.

But despite how intriguing and unabashedly brutal Prisoners is, there are two big grating problems which are hard to see past. It suffers from uneven pacing throughout, and Maria Bello’s acting is frustratingly low-grade.


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