Day 54. The Matrix (1999). Directed by the Wachowski Brothers

The Matrix (1999) score: 91%

The Matrix, for me and many others, is the Wachowskis’ magnum opus. Upon rewatching, my opinion hasn’t wavered. The special effects are still incredible, and the same goes for the era-defining stunt choreography.

Agent Smith is still utterly terrifying, thanks entirely to Hugo Weaving’s lax and articulately unnerving diction, and all the other performances remain as considered and necessary to the film’s whole as ever.

Regardless of whether it’s because I’ve watched it multiple times or because our lives are ruled by computers more than ever these days, I find The Matrix increasingly easy to comprehend as hypothetical documentary material.


Note: I have referred to the Wachowskis as ‘The Wachowski Brothers’ as that is how they were known at the time of the film being made. No disrespect or offense is intended by referring to the incredibly talented Wachowski siblings in this way. 


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