My name is Matthew Brigden. I love film. So much so that I, like millions of other idiots at age 18, decided that a film degree was a good way to spend three years. A few more years later, I can still say that it was time squandered, but I still love movies an enormous amount.

I firmly believe 2017 will be a better year for film than 2016 was. It’s looking like a very promising year. So to celebrate the movies, I’m going to be watching as many films as I can. My endeavour is to watch one every day, but time will tell how achievable that is. I’ll be giving each film I watch a percentage score, as well as 100 words of my scrupulous and unrelenting analysis. I’ll do my utmost to make sure the films I see are ones I haven’t seen before, but being such a fine purveyor of film knowledge this won’t always be possible. By the end of the year you will have a reasonably big shedload of films viewed and briefly scrutinised for your convenience, and perhaps beyond the end of the year too.